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If you are trying to lose weight or slim, tighten and tone trouble areas without killing yourself at the gym, drinking diet shakes, eating meal replacements for the rest of your life, or starving yourself, our wellness team can help you gain control of your health and get back the life you deserve. Stop struggling with chronic pain and low energy. Weight loss is within your reach.

Weight Loss Solutions

Maintaining a healthy body weight is an important component of overall health. Nutritional counseling, weight loss services and weight loss tips are all useful to ensure you live the healthiest life you can. At Optimal Body, our experienced weight loss team is available to help clients reach the healthiest version of themselves, including their ideal and healthy weight. This is made possible by using holistic nutritional counseling, and lifestyle changes, which is the only path achieving permanent results.

Losing weight has many benefits, including reducing your risk of disease and improving your overall experience in life – with increased energy, better focus, improved mood, saving money and a variety of other benefits.

Weight Gain With Age

Aging is inevitable, and so are some of the changes that come with it. As people age, they may still feel like they are as mentally sharp as when they were younger, but chances are many experience physical changes that are difficult to counteract. Increased fat storage with age is not only frustrating, but it is detrimental to the other functions of the body. Added fat leads to an increase in weight, which can add more pressure on joints and increase the risk of injury and heart-related problems.


While metabolism is responsible for processing calories into energy, it actually has a small effect on how much weight is gained or lost.  Approximately 70-80% of our metabolic rate is fixed and there is little that we can do to change it.  While it may be easy to blame weight gain on metabolism, what we eat and when we eat and how we eat are the most influential factors dictating weight.

So you may be wondering how the types of foods we eat contribute to gaining or losing weight.  Although traditional thinking says that to lose weight you simply need to eat less calories, this doesn’t tell the whole story because not all calories are created equal.  For example, if you ate 100 calories of cookies, and 100 calories of broccoli, the way those foods behave when digested are entirely different.  When your body is getting an adequate amount of nutrients (as opposed to calories), it burns off the remaining amount for energy instead of storing as fat.  In addition to this, our body is constantly getting chemical and hormonal signals telling it to either burn more fat for energy, thereby losing weight, or store more fat, thereby gaining weight.  If these chemical and hormonal signals aren’t working properly, you may gain weight, even if you don’t consume and overly abundant number of calories.  Hormones play a bigger and bigger role in this process as we age, or through stressful events in our lives, which is why simply cutting calories to lose weight becomes more and more difficult with time.  Many people are shocked to hear that they don’t have to severely restrict calories, feel hungry all the time, or completely eliminate the foods they love  in order to lose weight.  By eating the right things at the right time in the proper amounts, your body’s natural fat burning mechanisms activate leading to rapid, long term, sustainable weight loss, without the yo-yo effect that many people experience on “fad” diets.

Weight gain does not have to be inevitable. Contact our weight loss team at Optimal Body today and we will help you reach your weight loss goals.

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