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Dr. Aplin has been helping people lose weight for over a decade.

“Clients ask me all the time how I became so interested in weight loss.  Surprisingly my path here initially had nothing to do with weight loss, but more to do with helping people live fuller, healthier lives.  Being in Health and Wellness, I soon realized that weight gain has a way of creeping into all other aspects of a person’s life.  Their social interactions, their mental health, their physical well-being (especially with things like Obesity, Diabetes and Thyroid conditions on the rise), and physical pain.  It’s incredible how much weight gain can impact things like Lower back or knee pain.  If you trace the lines back, and just try to imagine how many health benefits come from losing weight, really the positive effects are limitless”.

So how did you develop your weight loss programs?

“Well, let me start by saying that there is no cookie cutter approach to losing weight.  Everyone’s body chemistry is different, which means that what works well for one person might not work well for another.  That’s why all of our programs are completely customized.  We are able to delve deeper into someone’s medical history, and take things like medication use, past surgeries, age, acidity, toxicity and hormone composition into consideration when developing a program.  Plus, we keep up with emerging research in weight loss.  In fact all of our programs are based in scientific principles for how fat is burned on a biochemical level.  As new research comes out, we incorporate new approaches to our programs in order to make them as effective as possible.”

What would you say to someone who has struggled to lose weight in the past?

“First, don’t give up! Just like I said before, everyone’s body chemistry is different so we just need to find the right pathway to your success. Second, for most I come across who have either failed to lose weight, or have lost weight just to gain it all back, it has usually happened on one of those cookie cutter programs.  Do yourself a favor and stop counting calories, stop counting carbs, stop counting points, stop doing math entirely.  The research shows that permanent weight loss comes from changing your body’s chemistry by having the right nutrition, in the proper proportion, at the right time.  That’s where we come in.  And I’m clear from the beginning, we aren’t trying to turn our clients into supermodels.  What we are doing is helping people feel good about what they see in the mirror, and giving them the tools for long term success.  It all starts with scheduling that initial consultation so we can give an honest assessment on how to achieve your weight loss goals”


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