How Sleep Deprivation Inhibits Weight Loss

How Sleep Deprivation Inhibits Weight Loss

How Sleep Deprivation Inhibits Weight Loss

In modern society, it seems almost normal for people to get less sleep than in past generations. With the world operating on a 24/7 basis via the internet and boatloads of stimulation right at our fingertips, sleep deprivation is as common as ever. Contact our weight loss clinic if you have questions.

Naturally, sacrificing one, two, or three hours of sleep every night has the potential to catch up to you, and the effects can be quite serious. Not only can you have issues with energy, concentration and productivity, but you might also see your waistline expand.

Lack of Sleep Triggers Hunger Hormones

There are some facts surrounding sleep deprivation and weight gain that are hard to ignore. When you are deprived of sleep, the production of a hunger hormone known as ghrelin is increased and levels of the satiety hormone known as leptin, decrease. It has also been noted that sleep-deprived people tend to take in around 300 more calories each day as opposed to when they are well rested.

Sleep deprivation leads to more snacking, cravings for fats and carbohydrates and less physical activity. So, you are hungrier, less active and craving the kinds of foods that can make you gain weight. Lack of sleep can also increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which has been associated with weight gain. All in all, depriving yourself of sleep on a regular basis will wreak havoc with certain hormones that are designed to help keep you lean and healthy.

How to Know If You’re Getting Enough

The old adage of eight hours of sleep per night is good for most people, but others may need a little more or less. Younger adults and teens usually require more sleep as they are still growing and developing, and older adults and seniors can often get by with less. Of course, many people today routinely try to function on six hours, five hours or even fewer.

This is a recipe for disaster, and your overall health will suffer along with your weight. Jobs are important and social lives are important, but your body needs to rest and rejuvenate on a regular basis to stay vibrant and disease-free. If you consistently wake up feeling tired and tend to drag yourself through each day, you probably need more sleep.

Make a point of getting to bed earlier, even if it means sacrificing in other areas. Remember that if you become sick from the excess weight or another reason associated with lack of sleep, you won’t be able to do those activities that are keeping you up anyway.

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